Flipping Homes with the Ziemers

Flipping homes is not as easy or as glamourous as HGTV would make you think.  While it is fun to find that diamond in the rough that needs some TLC to tranform it into a beautiful home, there are a lot of headaches along the way.  It is also hard for a lot of people to see the potential in a home that is "ugly".  We like to document with video as many of our flips as possible so that you can see how we make old new again.  We can help you do the same for your home.  We can help you find that diamond in the rough and make it into your dream home.  That is one of the biggest ways that we are different from other agents.  We don't just want to sell you home and move on to the next homebuyer.  We want to make sure your home lives up to its potential.  We want to make sure you are happy and that you create amazing memories in your home.  We can help you see the potential and we can help you design your dream home.  We are always looking for new clients to help so give us a call.

Lafayette Flip House
Lorengo Flip House VLOG 1
Lorengo Flip House VLOG 2
Lorengo Flip House VLOG 3
Lorengo Flip House VLOG 4 - Final
Baychester Flip House VLOG 1