Best Family Friendly Restaurants in Virginia Beach

Finding a place to eat where everyone in the family is happy is always a challenge.  Here are some of our families favorite places to go.

YNOT Italian - This locally owned restaurant has several locations around Virginia Beach.  It is not only a pizza joint but also has all of your italian favorites.  They also have a well stocked craft beer selection for the adults.

Insider tip:  Don't forget to save room for their amazing gelato.

Las Palmas - Mexican is always a safe bet for a family.  There are ton of options around the area and to be honest, they are all the same and having lived in California, they really aren't that memorable.  Las Palmas is the exception to that rule.  We really enjoy their fresh flavors and traditional mexican recipes.  Give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Insider tip:  Get the table made quacamole.  Holy Guacamole is it good!

No Frill Grill - When we lived in Norfolk, this was one of our favorites for an affordable consistent family meal.  We were so excited to see them open a Virginia Beach location near our home.  NFG has something for everyone in your family.  The service is quick and cheerful and the food is consitently good.  

Insider tip:  Their salads are where its at.  Our favorite is the funky chicken salad.  

Shorebreak Pizza and Taphouse - Shorebreak is one of the better sports bars in the area and is a favorite of families.  With pool tables and an arcade, the kids will have the time of their lives while the adults watch their favorite team on one of their many big screen tv's.  The pizza and food is consistently good and the menu features a fancier version of traditional pub fare.  

Insider Tip:  Try the spicy pizza sauce.  It isn't super spicy but it is super delicious.  

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