Holiday Real Estate Market

In the listing business of real estate, many people ask if they should hold off until after the holidays to list their home.  Some agents recommend waiting until after Super Bowl.  I think it depends on how badly and how quickly you want your home sold.  My most recent listing had proposed this same question to which I answered "how soon and how bad?"  Their particular situation was to hurry and sell so they could buy a home to get closer to family.  In my opinion, list now!  I sold the home in 7 days all over Thanksgiving holiday, and they couldn't be more excited to begin the next chapter. 

The flipside of this equation is that some buyers must buy now.  In fact, I am working with a buyer who will relocate here and report for duty January 2nd.  Their choices for a home are far slimmer than they will be if they were looking for a home in February.  Representing a seller, I will tell them to list now!  Be one of the few choices for those buyers that must buy right now. 

There is truly no right or wrong time.  I know that we perceive certain seasons to be the best time to sell a home, and statistically speaking, we do have seasons of homes selling in greater numbers.  But really, it's about having your home in the best condition, at the right price, with the best marketing, so that when that one, perfect buyer comes around, you'll be ready for them!

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