Understanding Jet Noise Map in Virginia Beach

Understanding the Jet Noise Map

The military is a huge part of our community and we are proud of our military history.  Some of the military instillations in our region are:

  • Norfolk Naval Station - The largest military instillation in the world and homeport for several Naval Aircraft Carriers.
  • Oceana - The east coast master jet base.
  • Little Creek Amphibious Base - Home to the amphibious forces of the Atlantic Fleet.
  • Dam Neck - Home to the DEVGRU or as many know it Seal Team Six.

Along with such a strong military presence and more specifically having the east coasts master jet base comes jet noise.  Or as many of the locals call it, "the sound of freedom".  Not all locals appreciate having their fillings rattled by passing jets so part of the home buying process is signing off on the noise zone disclosure or AICUZ as it is referred to.  Each home buyer is different.  Some are not worried about the noise while others are very sensitive to it.  Our goal is to make sure our clients understand all of the aspects of property both good and bad so that they make the right decision for them.  In this case we rely on the AICUZ map that is issued by the city.  It shows the noise levels on the map so you can see where your home is in the noise zone.  The higher the noise zone, the more frequent the noise level from low flying jets. 



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