Overheard This Weekend

Overheard this weekend

I was at a Girl Scout end-of-year pool party on Sunday afternoon.  There were 7 little girls and all of their family members meeting in the backyard of one of the parents, willing to entertain this crowd.  We were in the beautiful Chelsea neighborhood in Virginia Beach, which is lush with mature trees, waterfront homes, with a historic flair.  The homeowners had done a beautiful job updating the home but keeping the historic character of a reproduction period home.  The homes in Chelsea have the character of a home you would find in Norfolk’s Larchmont or Lochaven neighborhoods.  But, the neighborhood is 3 miles to the Chesapeake Bay Beaches (Chicks Beach) and 5 miles to the North End Beaches.  It is situated on Great Neck Road, a popular artery in VB that connects Shore Drive and Virginia Beach Boulevard.  The Great Neck area is full of amenities for families, DINKS and singles like: First Landing State Park bike trails and nature walks,  Broad Bay Country Club and Golf Course, great restaurants like Havana (a lively night spot with delicious Cuban-style food, a good wine and beer selection and great martinis, mojitos and margaritas), Coastal Grill (an upscale local’s favorite for seafood), Citrus (the best breakfast place around-you must try their sweet potato ham biscuits or citrus pancakes topped with citrusy fruit like pineapple), and if live music is your thing then you can check out Hot Tuna and H2O around the corner.

So we were all talking about where we are from and many of us had grown up in Virginia Beach, moved away for jobs or adventure, and came back to raise a family.  Many said that we never thought we would come back but you just cannot beat living in Virginia Beach.  The host said that she told a friend considering a move from Norfolk that living in Virginia Beach is like being on vacation.  I could not agree more.  We made the move from Norfolk’s Larchmont neighborhood 1 and a half years ago.  It was a very difficult decision for us.  Our community was in Norfolk; we were active members of Trinity Presbyterian Church in historic Ghent, and had lived in Norfolk’s Colonial Place, Winona Lafayette Residence Park, and Larchmont during our 8 years there.  Our daughters went to LUMP (Larchmont United Methodist Preschool) which was a family of its own and Larchmont Elementary, a highly-ranked neighborhood school.  But, as our girls got older and our desire to have a third child loomed, we were lured to the nationally ranked schools in Virginia Beach, the beautiful beaches and recreation opportunities, and a large yard to run and play.

Living in a city where you bike to your neighborhood pool, are on the beach in 8 minutes from your doorstep, and hit the back deck of Chix Oyster Bar, Dockside or The Shellfish Co. for a sunset cocktail all in one day is like being on vacation.

Jennifer Ziemer


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