Why Hampton Roads is a Great Place to Raise a Family

Why Hampton Roads is a GREAT place to raise a Family:

People always ask me what makes the Hampton Roads area a nice place to raise a family.  There are a lot of things in this area that make it the ideal place to raise a family, but here are my top reasons:

Water/Beaches:  Anyone who has flown in or out of the Norfolk International Airport can see that there is no shortage of Water here!  Located on the elbow of the CHESAPEAKE BAY and the Atlantic Ocean, the area is home to some of the best beaches and rivers in the region and arguably the country.  This abundance of water has created a mecca for boating and other water related activities.  Whether you are a seasoned fishermen, surfer or sun worshipper, you will fall in love with all the recreational opportunities this area provides.      

SCHOOLS:  This area is home to some of the top ranked public schools in the country.  Virginia Beach in particular was ranked as the 5th best school system in the United States for large sized cities.  I know from my personal experience, I am very pleased with the level of education our children receive in Virginia Beach.  As is the case in all cities, some schools are better than others.  To see the schools rankings visit WWW.GOODSCHOOLS.COM.  It doesn’t take long to see that there is a direct correlation between home values and school districts.  This is something to keep in mind for future resale value.

Convenience:  Everything seems to be less than 20 minutes away.  Each of the cities within the region are fairly self-contained so unless you work on the outskirts of town, the chances are you will be pretty close to everything you need to live.  There is of course traffic that rears its ugly head during peak rush hour but overall if you aren’t crossing a bridge or tunnel to get somewhere, you can get there in 20 minutes or less.

COMMUNITY:  Living in a neighborhood where people look after one another is part of my American dream.  Another part of that dream is a neighborhood pool.  It is pretty easy to make that dream come true around here.  Some of my fondest memories when I was a kid were running around the neighborhood with my friends, dreading the moment that the street lights would come on.  The sense of community in these neighborhoods is why we moved to Virginia Beach and our kids are enjoying it as much as I did at their age.

Proximity to the Outer Banks and Eastern Shore:  My family has been vacationing in the OBX since I was a little kid.  The Cape Hatteras seashore is one of my favorite places on Earth.  It is so nice to be an hour and change away from such a beautiful place.  It makes for an easy day trip and also a great spot to have a second home.  The same thing can be said about the Eastern Shore which is a picturesque 40 minute drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to historic town of Cape Charles. There you  can enjoy the warm waters of the Chesapeake Bay. 

Jennifer Ziemer 


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